“This is a remarkable story of one woman’s struggle with tragedy and her care for those who many would say are her enemies.” Congressman Joseph Pitts

“I’ve had the honor, privilege, humbled to meet some amazing people in my life. And when I received this book, it just arrived yesterday: Life in Death. When I received this book, I found out that I was going to be meeting one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever met in my life in Lisa Gibson . . . the journey that the Lord has taken her on from that day is absolutely astounding.” Jim Pennar, The Hour Of Power

“Thanks for coming to my class. You were inspiring and my students got a huge kick out of seeing you all over the news following your meeting with Gaddafi. It’s not very often that someone comes to speak to my class and ends up being on CNN the next week.”
Professor Anne Rice, Metro State College in Denver

“Thanks for your inspiring words!” Jeff Gingerich, Dean for Academic Affairs, Cabrini College Pennsylvania

“Gibson’s book, Life in Death, was incredibly healing for me. Gibson amazes me in that she was able to not only forgive, but to then bless the very country who was responsible for murdering her brother and so many others. This book is truly for anyone who has lost a loved one to violence or to those who cannot let go of past, painful heart wounds. The purpose is not to force the reader to forgive, but to give the reader healing for their soul and the gift of peace for their mind. Thank you, Lisa Gibson,for helping me get back on the path to recovery.” Jeanne Assam, Colorado Springs

“Thank you, Lisa! I heard about your story and organization via KLOVE the other day and wept. I am a Christian and love God with all my heart and have been so convicted that here I am struggling to forgive a fellow Christian who deeply wounded me and hasn’t responded to attempts to reconciliation and it all seems so petty now in light of the grace you have shown! Thank you! I am weeping even as I type this. Please pray God will flood my heart with love and forgiveness towards this person, even as He has done with you.” Nina Ruth Bruno

“I saw you speak on CNN recently over here in England and I just want to express my utmost admiration and respect for how you have coped and reacted to the loss of your brother. Your message of forgiveness was very touching and a great inspiration to me… The world definitely needs more leaders like you and I wish your organisation all the best for the future!” Nadir

“I would like you to know that I admire greatly, your extension of kindness and peace to Mr. Gaddafi and the people of Libya. Your act and your words are inspirational, and I am very pleased to see peace and forgiveness in action.” Steve Pollack

” I wish to commend Lisa Gibson for her action of meeting with Libyan leader Gaddafi and taking forgiveness and peace to a new level. Lisa, you have understood the true meaning of Christ’s teachings and are a true Christian. I congratulate you for that. You are one among a few in this world.” Thomas Mathai, Toronto

“I read tonight about your meeting with and forgiveness of Gaddafi. I think that one VERY selfless act will do more to curb hatred and terrorism than all of the billions of dollars spent in the war on terror. I think very few people truly understand the power of forgiveness, both for the one forgiving and for the one receiving forgiveness. Thank you for taking such a brave and difficult step. You ABSOLUTELY did the right thing and I am sure that your brother is very proud and smiling down at you for it.” Mark Hartman, North Carolina

“You provide us all with an example of true Christian forgiveness!” Andrew, Argentina

“I am a Baptist minister in Los Angeles. I just want you to know that I am proud of the bold step you’ve taken to express forgiveness. Forgiveness, at times, can be both hard to give and hard to receive. It is certainly difficult for some to understand. But is always a wonderful gift to both sides. Thank you for being a “light” unto others. I pray your continued healing and blessings.” Rev Everett Bell, Los Angeles

“Many believers talk about overcoming evil with good and loving our enemies, but Lisa’s life actually embodies this message. Months after she spoke at our church, people were still stirred by her story. She is a genuine, engaging speaker.”
Pastor Joseph Winger, Boulder Street Church, Colorado Springs

“Thank you for sharing your story with our group last week. I just finished your book and it was wonderful. Your book in itself will be a powerful tool of healing and reconciliation.” Doug Cone, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International