My Most Requested Topics

“Turning tragedy into triumph” – Life is filled with trials and tribulations. Deciding how to deal with these trials in advance can change the very course of your life. Find out how to take even the most horrific tragedies and turn them into triumph.

“The power of forgiveness and reconciliation” – Why is it so hard to forgive? How do you forgive even the unforgivable? When is it right to reconcile? These questions coupled with Lisa Gibson’s own extraordinary story of forgiveness will help you navigate the hurts, betrayals and offenses in your life and finally find the peace you desire.

“How to manage organizational conflict” – Conflict at some level is inevitable, but managers and supervisors can learn skills to more effectively resolve conflicts in your organization.

“Living your legacy” – Most of us are born with a desire to  live our life for a purpose. Somewhere along the way, life happens and we lose focus. What is different about those who settle for mediocracy and those who go onto become world changers whether in their family, community or even the world.

“Overcoming evil with good” – Learn how to take bad life experiences and transform them into something good

“Crossing Cultures” – How to use relational learning skills to understand and cooperate better with people from different cultures

“How to avoid talent loss on virtual teams” – Now more than ever companies are outsourcing employees and allowing employees to work from home. As such, more and more communication is done by email or phone. This creates unique challenges for managers trying to manage their staff remotely and can lead to more misunderstanding between managers and coworkers. Misunderstanding is the catalyst for conflict and can result in employee turnover. Find out how to prevent talent loss in your organization.

“How to prevent conflict from bankrupting your business” – Conflict cost businesses lots of money in loss of productivity, employee turnover and restructuring, in addition to the time the manager spends on trying to resolve the conflicts. Find out how to save your business lots of money by quickly dealing with conflicts.

“Don’t go to your grave with it” – How to finally write your book quickly, get it published and use publicity to marketit.

 Other topics Lisa speaks on

“Terrorism combat tactics that guarantee student involvement in campus learning activities” 

“How to engage international students in campus learning programs” 

“Five qualities of successful global leaders in globalized world” 


Keynote Speeches

Lisa shares her powerful story of receiving a letter from the terrorist who killed her brother


Lisa shares her story of meeting with Muammar Gaddafi 


International Conflict Resolution Day speech on the day Muammar Gaddafi is killed


Training Courses

Training on “How to manage workplace conflict” in Herat Afghanistan 


Training on cross cultural understanding in Herat Afghanistan